Saturday, September 10, 2011

Embers - Shadows

Art by Kelly Nelson from Embers

The esteemed Full Metal Attorney reviewed reviewed Embers' fantastic album Shadows, and his words are the only ones you really need:
"Picture the last smoldering remnants of a great fire, a destructive force depleted by exhaustion. At times, it crackles, threatening resurgence, and new fires ignite in the distance, burning and killing with the capriciousness of nature. Now imagine the soundtrack to that scene."
The image he conjures matches perfectly with lyrics like the one to "Dreams".
Into the new dawn, I come alone into the world
A light in my eye dances with the shadow in my heart
Pondering I sit in silence while wings flap unseen in the morning mist
Listen to "Dreams" and the rest of the album below. Embers did not add the lyrics to their Bandcamp, so I collected them in a pdf file which you can download here..

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