March 13, 2014

Torrid Husk - Caesious

Written by Matt Hinch.

Artwork by Noel Mueller

In January I reviewed a little EP by Myopic. That release was put out by Grimoire Records. It's a nifty little operation they've got going over there. Everything is handled in house. Production, mix, master, even art and promotion. This month's Grimoire release features West Virginian black metallists Torrid Husk vomiting forth a three-song EP Caesious.

Reportedly recorded in a cabin in the woods, the three tracks on hand certainly give off that vibe of natural isolation with feral, primitive exaltation to elder gods. "Cut with Rain" is all searing black metal. Torrid Husk really lay it all out in terms of unabated speed. The riffs are more or less typical black metal swept through the forest, up and down hills and valleys on malevolent winds. The percussion (Tony Cordone) is absolutely relentless pushing the tremolos above the tree line. Guitarist/vocalist Tyler Collins' rasp fulfills the requisite evil quotient to inspire the clenching of invisible oranges. On this track, was well as the other two, when Torrid Husk slow things down the entire aura draws inward and impresses firmly upon the heart.

"Thunder like Scorn" continues the obsidian barrage but is punctuated with brief crunchy hammerblows. It's visceral on all accounts. Dancing riffs accelerate to supersonic speeds before giving way to a melancholic and quiet midsection. The track's later half sees soaring riffs float above the thunderous percussion and progressive bass (Jonathan Blanton) with a measured sense of melody.

Tremolos weaves amongst the onslaught on "Paranoia". A blistering black metal cacophony crashes down into a melancholic valley, returning with a slow and torturous tugging. A portentous vocal misanthropy carries across the bleak landscape. Torrid Husk close out the EP by raging through the night standing tall against the eldritch terrors glimpsed in the moonlight.

Caesious is eighteen minutes of blistering black metal hatred. An aura of ancient reverence clings to its essence like the fetid stench of nameless beasts lurking in the darkest of shadows. Torrid Husk's reckless abandon and infecting atmosphere reek of passion and belief.

The full moon beckons. Let Caesious be your soundtrack to its light.

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