April 20, 2014

Label spotlight: Invictus Productions

Irish label Invictus Productions has been on Bandcamp for a while now, but I'm quite behind in keeping track, and updating the Metal Labels On Bandcamp page. There are many interesting things on the Invuctus page, here I'd like to feature two albums from 2011, both originally put out by US labels with Invictus handling the European end of the deal. It also happens to be two albums the mighty Autothrall had good things to say about, so I'll him do the talking. First up is the unusual black metal of Negative Plane - Stained Glass Revelations (Ajna Offensive).

Cover art by Jessica Corso
Deep, dark tremolo guitar lines and chords are infused with spikes of frivolous, shaking melody while the bass surges ever low, downward a spiral of arcane hostility in "Lamentations and Ashes" or "Angels Veiled of Bone", but capable of busting out sheer misanthropy through thundering rhythms reminiscent of early Bathory or Hellhammer/Celtic Frost. But above it all, Nameless Void's harrowing, vocal barks reek of the breath of ancients, the poetry of the dead, and add this timeless, mesmerizing environment of ever sinking into the depths of something far older than time itself. (Full review).

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Next up is an album I have wanted to see on Bandcamp for quite some time, Antediluvian - Through The Cervix Of Hawaah (Profound Lore) The esteemed Full Metal Attorney called it "a dark, alien form of death metal". Autothrall has many more words for you.

Cover art by Haasiophis
I've on occasion used the term 'cavern core' to describe this modern sort of crushingly guttural old school exaltation, but I'll be frank: no subterranean space could contain Antediluvian for very long. This is copious, lurching and primordial death metal which resonates as much at a faster pace as it does at the snail-like, expected speed, and the Canadians are also mindful of the actual presence of 'riffs' [...] It's highly unnerving, and that word more than any other best sums up this recording. Certainly, Antediluvian offer one of the most bowel rupturing, uncomfortable brands of experimental death metal out there. (Full review).

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