October 18, 2014

Execration - Morbid Dimensions

Written by Atanamar Sunyata.

Artwork by Kristian Valbo

The fathomless depths of death metal know no bounds; be thankful. Execration carve out a virgin slice of that ever expanding universe, crafting mid-paced paeans to death in the adventurous vein of Morbus Chron, Tribulation, and Necrowretch. Morbid Dimensions is more primal than polished, more savage than a six-pack of xenomorphs, and weirder than that “one weird trick to prevent cancer”.

Perfectly insane arpeggios and inutterable tremolations frolic amidst herds of primitive, trampling riffs. These grooves crackle like that Mercyful Fate LP you’ve been spinning nonstop for 30 years. Morbid Dimensions plays out in masterful movements, with ebbs and flows of riffs most fine. One moment you’ll be banging your head in assent, and the next you’ll be pondering the infinite facets of sinister pointillism a la Negative Plane.

These diverse compositions are accompanied by organically obtuse rhythms and filthy-fresh bass lines. Add in a barrage of truly demented howls, and you have an album ripe for close listening and repeated spins. When the death toll for 2014 is tallied, Morbid Dimensions will be on my short list.

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Morbid Dimensions is available digitally via Duplicate Records right now, with a physical incarnation to follow from Hells Headbangers in December.

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