Monday, September 14, 2015

Label Spotlight: Goathorned Productions

Written by Kevin Page.

Colombian label, Goathorned Productions was formed in 2004, specializing in black metal. While they themselves are not currently on Bandcamp (maybe they are too kvlt?), the band's on their roster that we are featuring here are.

Cover artwork: Prometheus Art & Design

Very little is known about Temple of Gnosis, a new Serbian band, which came into existence here in 2015. Mysterivm Magnvm is their first release and the work of a single man, who goes by the moniker H.M.T. Doomy symphonic occult ambient death metal (did I use enough adjectives for you?) is what you will experience musically. Lyrics/concept deal with the Western esoteric traditions and the alchemical process of enlightenment (and yes I had to google that to figure out what it meant). It's a slow (but not funeral) burn. It conjures up of images of mages and druids tinkering with potions in a laboratory, yet these arcane beings are actual horrific monsters in hooded robes in a dimly lit room. I'd be frightened of it if I wasn't so enthralled.

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Next up is another new band, Aion, hailing from Switzerland and formed in 2013. Verses of Perdition is also this band's first musical endeavor (though all of its members are also in Necrosemen, that released an EP in 2013). Aion are firmly rooted in orthodox black metal, but with dissonant riffs than spiral you down into the chasm of chaos. They will change up tempos over the course of it's 36 minute run time, but they manage to simultaneously hypnotize you while going for the jugular.

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Cover art by Hathrul

In 2007, Columbia's Demogorgon changed their name to Ignis Haerecticum. After a demo, single and split album, 2014 marked the year of the band's first full length, Luciferian Gnosis. On my initial listen it just sounded like traditional black metal to my ears. But since I always gives every release at least multiple listen before even attempting to write a review, I noticed I was really overlooking something. There's a balance between tradition and the dissonant French scene, a la Deathspell Omega. I asked myself, "how did I not hear this?" Was I just expecting a raw South American band and only concentrated on that aspect? But it's not even really raw, as the production is solid, yet not overly polished. Over its 49 minute run time they manage to mix things up tempo wise quite nicely. It's rumbles along like you would hope for, but they also slow things down when needed. The band have definitely struck an interesting mix of sounds here and it's something I'm genuinely looking forward to hear how they explore in future releases.

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