Saturday, October 31, 2015

Label Spotlight: Pulverised Records

Written by Kevin Page.

Singapore label, Pulverised Records, have been purveyors of all things extreme since 1996. Three of their most recent releases are from the old school death metal variety and all from Sweden. Now most people fall in two categories when it comes to OSDM: they either can't get enough of it or they simply can't tolerate it. While none of these releases are going to convert the non believers, all of them are excellent examples of the genre and are sure to wet the unquenchable appetite of its fans.

Art by Ragnar Persson

With seemingly no ties to the past or its members in other projects, Bastard Grave are the newest of the bands we are discussing, but you wouldn't know it from their sound. They are definitely inspired by early Entombed, (whether they would admit to that or not) with a hardcore/grindcore vocal bark. 10 tracks of unapologetic Swedeath. What Lies Beyond is their debut album and first official release (no litany of EP's or splits before this). HM-2 lovin', bitch!

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Artwork by Mattias "Flesh" Frisk

Under the Church features two thirds of the former Swedish death metal cult band, Nirvana 2002, so you can take a wild guess what to expect here (wink). After releasing a 21 minute EP last year, they are now gracing us with their debut full length album, Rabid Armageddon. Filthy, crusty, d-beat OSDM, with crushing hooks. Lots and lots of fuzzy chainsaw guitars, pick slides and rumbling bass. Plus, look at that cover art! The eyes are literally under the church, like a evil hat. Wonderfully creepy, just like the music. (note - this album is my favorite of the bunch).

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I saw lots of people getting excited over the prospect of a new Wombbath album prior to its release. Frankly, I didn't share the same sentiment. I had their debut, Internal Caustic Torments, when it came out in 1993 and wasn't impressed 22 years ago. So I viewed this sudden interest as people equating a band who had released an album during death metal's original heyday with being automatically important/relevant. But I was curious and willing to keep an open mind. Guitarist Hakan Stuvemark is the sole original returning member and I presume the main songwriter on their sophomore full length, Downfall Rising. What the band have done is stepped up their game in every department. The production is totally professional with a sledgehammer to the cranium sound. The musicianship is lights years ahead of the debut (no worries, there's no technical wankery to be found). The songs are structured better with no odd transitions or overly redundant moments. Frankly, this is so much better that it sounds like an entirely new band (which mainly it is).

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