December 21, 2016

Woe - A Spell for the Death of Man

A remastered version of Woe's debut full-length A Spell for the Death of Man is now available on Bandcamp. This is pure black metal. Not depressive, not atmospheric, and certainly not symphonic. Thick riffing, unrelenting drumming, and searing melodies. Direct and emotional. As Jordan Campbell from Last Rites eloquently put it:

The haunting, oddly naked guitar that opens the record is stark. Desolate. Profound, even. Mostly, it's real. A single guitar. Two minutes of truth or consequences. That's all that Woe needs to bury the seed.

The album was remastered in preparation for a vinyl release by Vendetta Records.
  1. Lord i get tired of the witch screech vocals!

    1. I love them. They're emotional. But to each their own and all that :)