August 4, 2017

Friday funeral doom shopping list

By Manny-O-War. In a brief amount of time, say a few short months, it’s become a tradition on Thursdays to open up the lines of communication that social media affords us and play some Desert Island. Each week we select a genre
By Manny-O-War.

Artwork by Lars Simpkins

In a brief amount of time, say a few short months, it’s become a tradition on Thursdays to open up the lines of communication that social media affords us and play some Desert Island. Each week we select a genre, sub-genre or other category of music and each “contestant” (no one really wins or loses) selects five albums that they would bring with them to a desert island. Recently, we tackled the slow, undulating genre of funeral doom. It was met with much joy and participation, odd given the genre’s monicker. It was also a week where many people shared new bands and experiences with each other. And that’s the real motivation behind the desert island game on Thursdays: to allow people to explore categories of music they may not have previously delved into. It’s easy, using a hashtag on Twitter or a post on Facebook, for people to learn about any number of exciting artists held dear by people they respect, don’t know or perhaps are pals with. While not every desert island week leads to music purchases, it’s encouraging when someone takes the initiative to learn about bands and purchase the music directly from the artist.

That’s where Bandcamp comes in. It’s likely that you’ve seen the ##metalbandcampgiftclub hashtag floating around. Maybe you’ve been gifted a record or two, maybe you’ve gifted a record or two or maybe you’ve just seen the hashtag around. Regardless, you can read more about that here if you’re so inclined. Desert Island has given us yet another way to use Bandcamp as a sort of social networking application. It’s an easy way to find, stream and purchase works by artists that you’re interested in checking out. And, this Friday, August 4, 2017, Bandcamp has done something unique: they’ve committed to donate 100% of their profits, for the entire day, to the Transgender Law Center, a nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to change law, policy, and culture as well as defend transgender individuals who may suffer from those who seek to undermine their legitimacy. Bandcamp did something similar previously when it donated all proceeds to the ACLU. These are trying times not only for Americans suffering under a rigid, unwielding and hateful administration but also throughout the world where religion and government are often interchangeable institutions. It’s commendable that Bandcamp is willing to be such a proud supporter of human rights and it’s inspiring to see such a business as a beacon of hope in this oddly commerce-centric culture.

[Max: these albums are simply my shopping list gained from perusing Manny's #desertislandfuneraldoom posts. A few classics, some major releases from recent years that I somehow missed, and most excitingly: a handful of great albums I've never heard about before.]

[Bonus album: I just picked up this excellent mix of drone and funeral doom from Norway's Hjarnidaudi. As this short review from Metal Archives states "Fuzzed out guitars guitars flying everywhere, big walls of slow dirge rhythm, stuff that's melodic and disturbing and generally awesome".]

  1. I don't appreciate the Left Wing politics crap. I'm not a fan of Transgender politics or the American Communist Lawyers Union. This may be the last time i buy anything from this site, since they want to bring politics into it. Not every Metalhead is s pathetic Leftist Hillary voting jackass!

    1. I will answer this one and then close comments for this post. I think writing a unreasonable line like "American Communist Lawyers Union" automatically disqualifies you from any discussion, but let me say one thing: Metal Bandcamp has nothing to do with Bandcamp itself, so all your complaining about "this site" is just wrong. I 100% don't give a shit about how you use your money (and I'm sure Bandcamp doesn't either), but I'm proud of what they're doing and will happily support a similar political initiative again.

  2. What the hell do you mean, Americans SUFFERING under a rigid...administration, that has been in office for 6 months and all economic indicators are UP, moving upward!? Do you even leave your house!? Why is it necessary to bring your politics into your business? Do you realize Trump actually WON the election? That means a lot of folks voted for him, but then i suppose their money isn't any good to you!

  3. Doesn't change the fact that this great site, that i use a LOT, is funding pernicious leftist causes that are destructive to Young People confused about sexuality, to the point it is abusive and leads to permanent mutilation, bypasses Medicine and Science for Pop Psychology Leftism...and then there is the Leftist ACLU, which spends 90% of it's time suing to overturn the Founding and Common Sense. Bandcamp can't donate to FEED CHILDREN or offer relief to Haiti or feed, it has to go directly to Leftism and nonsense like Transgenderism and actually support Child Mutilation. Amazing how STUPID some folks are, even with their good business venture!

  4. >getting butthurt about someone else's politics
    >not a snowflake

    Grow a pair garbagehead.