January 25, 2012

Alaskan - Adversity; Woe

Cover illustration: Pascale Arpin

Alaskan - Adversity; Woe consists of 3 short songs and 4 epic tracks. The short tracks functions as breathers before the heavy sludge/post-metal riffs kick in. Adversity; Woe mixes the heavy atmospheric metal with just the right amount of psychedelic doom. In an interview with American Aftermath, Alaskan explains the concept behind the album:
Each song deals with the idea of man forgetting the dangers of the products, machines or atmospheres we’ve created and tend to expect as an everyday normal occurrence. Such as working beneath the ground or flying in the sky. We don’t take our safety into consideration expecting the people who arrange these things for us to be responsible for our well being or safety
Read the review from The Metal Archives and check it out.

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