January 28, 2012

Barren Waste - Dreaming In Aeons

Art by Jeremiah Hoppe.

Barren Waste - Dreaming In Aeons. This is all wrong. Barren Waste plays gnarly hardcore/death metal/grind, but the artwork looks like something from a djent or tech death band. The music sounds like it is falling apart at times and the production is of the one take basement session variety. But fuck, I like it! The production suits the music, it is raw and in your face, the riffs are crunching and the vocals pure evil. Tip: Hear all of it, the last three songs are the best. Here are two reviews from Grind to Death and Cvlt Nation who says that on Dreaming In Aeons the we don’t give a fuck factor is turned up to ten on every song!

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