January 25, 2013

Ellende - Rückzug in die Innerlichkeit

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

For my money some of the best Black Metal being produced comes from Germany. Just reading that a band is from that region makes me want to listen. Ellende is not from Germany, but when I read Austria I figured, close enough.

Their brand of Black Metal is of the Post style. According to the band, their name originates from the word ‘“elend”. A middle ages German word that means unclaimed wilderness or misery. And when listening to the album it makes perfect sense. All the things you look for in a Post Black Metal band are here. Post-Rock atmosphere’s mixed with Black Metal tremolo picking. Add to the mix piano, violin, acoustic guitars, and audible bass guitar. Vocals are the shrieks of misery, No clean vocals to be found. The production on this E.P. is outstanding. Everything is audible and full sounding.

My only real regret with this album was not finding it 2012 when it was released. I plan to keep a better eye on this band so as not miss out on what may come next. Because if this E.P. is any indication. It’s something I know I will enjoy.

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  1. Thx for this cool review!

  2. You had me at "audible bass guitar."

  3. If nothing else, the title is appropriate.