January 7, 2013

Velnias - RuneEater

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Four year have passed since Colorado’s Velnis released Sovereign Nocturnal. An album that brought together the sounds of DOOM, Black Metal, and Folk into three epic songs. Now with the release of RuneEater they have returned to push their sound further.

The name Velnias is a figure of ancient Baltic Mythology, the bestial god of the natural world. So this should give you some sense of what is in store for you thematically. The atmosphere created on these 5 songs make them feel as though they are played outside by the light of lit torches. Beautiful acoustic passages give way to foreboding DOOM dirges before crashing into chaotic Black Metal. Never jarring in it shifts but rather pieces in a puzzle that were meant to be put together. Vocals are deep raw shouts. Guitars buzzing and raw. Drums holding pace with the rise and fall of the tempo. At times coming across as a rawer version of Agalloch. But by no means a copy.

As a fan I was anticipating this album for some time. As Sovereign Nocturnal made such an impression on me. There were many delays but it was well worth the wait. The band took what they do so well, expanded on it and refined it. Making an album that was beyond expectation. RuneEater is in this reviewers top 5 albums for 2012.

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  1. Glad to see a full review of this. I remember seeing it on your year-end list and thinking, "That sounds really interesting," and then getting distracted by something else. Possibly a small shiny object on the floor. A timely reminder since I'm doing closed-door work in my office today and can listen.

    1. Did you like it? I haven't gotten much further than the first two tracks, not because the rest is bad, but because I keep listening to these two again and again.