August 9, 2013

Close The Hatch / Idiedtrying - Split

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Today I check out a split from Red Moth Records that has a band I am familiar with, Close The Hatch, and one that I am only now discovering in Idiedtrying. While the bands do share some commonalities each makes their own statement.

First with Close the Hatch. I reviewed their Dual Volumes album last year. They are a Post-Metal band adding flavors of Shoegaze and Ambient. The two songs on this split continue with that formula. Throaty vocals over sludgy guitars open the first song before it gets lost within a beautifully hypnotic midsection and then shifting into heavy chugging guitar ending. Song two opens with a piano and goes into what is almost a poppy sound with clean vocals over the top. This song really shows off their quieter side and how well they can create beautiful melodies and atmosphere. Just more great stuff from a band I have come to expect great things from.

And then there is Idiedtrying. Where to begin? Only one song, but one that is 13 minutes in length it feels like a tale of two songs in one. It opens with a very chaotic and claustrophobic harshness that reminds me of Today is the Day (which is a good thing). Going from Grind to Sludge in no time flat and with no warning. Adding things like movie clips and strange sounds to create more of that uneasy feeling. Then somewhere around the 8 minute mark it shifts into a straight up Atmospheric Sludge song.

The commonality these two bands share is that neither is content with simply staying in the same place for an entire song. They shift gears more than a driver in any of the Fast and Furious movies. Keeping the listener engaged and wondering where the song will take them next. I’m glad to see Close the Hatch continuing strong and also glad to have been introduced to another exciting band in Idiedtrying.

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