October 3, 2013

Unbirth - Deracinated Celestial Oligarchy / Extermination Dismemberment - Serial Urbicide

Review by Vonlughlio

Artwork by Federico Musetti

Amputated Vein Records is a Japan based label operating since 2002, dedicated to brutal death metal and related genres. Currently they have 50 releases in their Bandcamp page, including releases from Pathology, Viral Load, Cephalotripsy, Godless Truth among others. Being a huge fan of the brutal genres, one day I found myself streaming everything on the Bandcamp! Besides making my ears bleed, I found two great new albums I’d like to share with you; one quite technical brutal death metal, the other more fast and slam oriented

Unbirth are from Italy, I already knew a little about the band because they feature members of Mad Maze and Logic of Denial, both bands I like. According to Metal Archives unbirth “is a sexual fetish involving the desire to be "swallowed alive" by the female genitalia.” Despite that name, the lyrics are not your typical, blood, guts, kill, but instead focuses on inner struggle and the cosmos, like these from "Crowding at the Edge of Cosmos"
Icy blades fly in the darkness of silence. Launched by the gnashing of colliding events. Galactic pillars and archs are made of rioting souls that crowd at the edge of cosmos. Time, space, destiny. With closed eyes I admire the blaze that comes over.
Another aspect that I enjoyed of Deracinated Celestial Oligarchy is how perfectly Unbirth mix the brutal with the technical without indulging in mindless guitar wankery; making it work perfectly with the structure of the songs.

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Artwork by Marco Hasmann

Extermination Dismembermet are from Minsk, Belarus; I didn't know about them before, what caught my attention was was the awesome cover art from Marco Hasmann. I'm glad it did, because ohh boy this is some of the best slam of 2013, great drumming, sick vocals and amazing riffs. This is one one non-stop fast track record, it zips by real fast despite being around 40 minutes. Really diverse patterns in the songs structures and amazing performance all around by this band. I hope they continue down the same road with future releases

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