November 21, 2013

Wolvserpent - Perigea Antahkarana

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

When one thinks of hot beds of American metal Boise, Idaho isn’t exactly first on the list. But with the latest from Wolvserpent that all might change.

I was originally introduced to them in 2008 when they were called Pussygut with the song She Hid Behind Her Veil… . Admittedly, the band name was all that left an impression. By 2010 they had ditched the Pussygut name in favor of Wolvserpent. But up until seeing them live a few days ago I had paid them no mind. Not really sure why I even decided to go see them since I had not even heard any of their material since my first encounter. But I hadn’t been to a show in some time and figured why not. Man am I glad I did.

Photo by Taylor Keahey.

Wolvserpent is a two person band consisting of Blake Green on guitars/vocals and Brittany McConnell on drums/vocals/violin. They play what would be described as Drone/DOOM. Along with that are hints of Post-Rock, Ambient, Black Metal, and enough atmosphere to paint a picture by. Think Sunn O))) meets Godspeed while living in the woods with Wolves in the Throne Room. The drumming is bassy. Her toms are almost as big as her bass drum. They are played like rhythmic chants rather than keeping time. Blake’s guitar can go from post rockish drones to DOOM crushing riffs all in one song. What I love is that his heavy guitars are never overly distorted or distract from the atmosphere of the songs. Never trading one for the other but instead always keeping a balance. Vocals are shared. Brittany’s being clean and ethereal. Blake’s are anything but. A mix of throaty growls and blackened hisses.

Photo by Taylor Keahey.

This a two CD/L.P. album that is about total immersion. The atmospheres created within are all encompassing for the listener. With songs well over the 15 minute mark that is no easy task. But they pull it off masterfully. Since buying the album at the show it has been on a constant rotation. There is no doubt this will be on my year end list.

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