May 23, 2014

Xenomorphic Contamination - Chasm of No Return

Guest review by BreadGod from Servile Insurrection

Xenomorphic Contamination is the union of two Italian men named Max and David. Max used to play guitars for Vomit the Soul and David plays drums for Septycal Gorge. I know for a fact that Vomit the Soul and Septycal Gorge are two amazing brutal death metal bands, so I was not surprised to discover that Xenomorphic Contamination plays some amazing brutal death metal that slams so hard it will collapse your face.

The funny thing about this EP is that even though it was recorded at David's house, the production sounds amazingly professional. The instruments come in nice and clear but the sound is still amazingly heavy. This amazing production is backed up by awesome and brutal music. David is known for playing drums for several prominent Italian brutal death metal bands, and his many years of experience are obvious on this album. His rapid double bass sounds like an alien drill that's about to ruthlessly probe Uranus, he blasts with all the intensity of a world-destroying super laser that's about to be shot at your dick, and his cymbals sound like the clanging of dissection tools.

The growls are guttural and indecipherable. It's a perfect fit for the theme of this album, as these guys sound like they're speaking some grotesque alien language. Best of all are the guitars. The tone is dark, thick, heavy and crunchy. Their groove riffs are violent and infectious and their structures remind me of bands like Hour of Penance. They also play plenty of slam riffs that feature copious amounts of pinch harmonics. Hell, some of their pinch harmonics sound like Hour of Penance. They even take the time to play some amazing, downright alien tremolo riffs, such as those on the song “Metamorphic Oblivion”.

This was an amazing debut EP. David puts on an excellent drum performance and Max's riffs and vocals are delightfully brutal. I can tell just by listening to this that Xenomorphic Contamination is going to release plenty more wicked stuff in the future. It's good to know that the Italians are still making some great brutal death metal.

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