Thursday, August 20, 2015

Acid King - Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere

Written Aaron Sullivan.

Cover Art by Tim Lehi

San Francisco’s Acid King return after a ten year break with their fourth full length Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere. An album that has them continuing their Stoner/DOOM ways and proving why even with ten years gone they are still one of the tops in their field.

Photo by Pedro Roque.

The beauty of Acid King is really what's great about a lot of bands, they keep it simple. Great riffs, solid bass lines, and drumming that can fill in the open parts. The thing that has always set them apart is their ability to balance the heaviness of the music without ever feeling overbearing. At times it feels as if you're floating. They give off a psychedelic feel without ever losing the heft of the riff. Lori’s voice is a perfect fit with the music. Her melodic drone at times feels like it been recorded at a different speed than the music adding to the Stoner feel. Even with songs in length of over 8 minutes they never drag on. These songs are in no hurry. They want the riffs to resonate, and just as the first chords struck die off the next chord is hit and the colors are bright again.

Photo by Pedro Roque.

Been a strong year for DOOM. Bands like Goatsnake, Ufomammut, High on Fire and Bell Witch will no doubt be getting plenty of deserved praise this year. But don’t sleep on Acid King. Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere isn’t just one of the best DOOM records of the year. It’s one of the better records of the year no matter the genre.

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