December 16, 2015

Iron Void - Doomsday

Written by Karen A. Mann.

There’s little question what you’ll get when you click on the title track from Iron Void’s Doomsday. The first thing you hear is Charlton Heston utter the words “It’s Doomsday!” from “Beneath the Planet of the Apes.” And Doomsday it is, throughout the entire release, because Iron Void is a band that revels in traditional doom. Hailing from Wakefield, England, Iron Void respectfully channels Pentagram, Saint Vitus and Trouble with the obvious Sabbathian touches here and there. Though they originally formed in the late '90s, they didn't release a full album until last year. They've followed up very strongly with Doomsday, out now on singer Steve Wilson’s label, Doomanoid Records.

The opening track lumbers out with a raw Sabbath-like riff and good clean singing about clouds turning black and other such apocalyptic imagery. The band spreads its black wings a bit on “The Devil’s Daughter,” which is more of a heavy rocker than straight-up doom, and “The Answer Unknown,” which channels Motorhead. They’re at their best, though, when they keep it slow and low, like on the Windhand-esque “Colosseum.”

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