December 8, 2015

Tod Huetet Uebel - Malícia

Written by Majbritt Levinsen.

Artwork by Valnoir

Magnificent! Grandiose! Massive and brutal! F*cking insane!

These were the first words that arose in my mind as the crisp and clear sounds of the first track "XIII" started to overwhelm me. What a way to open up into the depths of two tormented souls' artistic world. Yes, Tod Huetet Uebel, only consist of two musicians: Daniel C, who creates all the music and Marcos M, who delivers the anguished vocal. Daniel C has also recorded, mixed and produced the album. The band spawned from the Portuguese underground and the essence of hatred back in 2012 and has since then created their own take on a skewed and anguished world.

Malícia is beautifully mixed, where every instrument has been given its own space, giving you a clear view into all of the corners this album has to offer. The singer adapts the same insane roars, anguished screams and sinister incantations as B from Lifelover and Kvarforth from Shining. Musically Tod Huetet Uebel is black metal mixed up with post-apocalyptic, avant-garde, straight up atmospheric insanity, and moments of clarity and peace.

The album is filled with machine-gun drumming and razor-sharp guitar melodies that occasionally drops into slower passages. On "I" the schizophrenic mind sees clarity, if only for a short time and offers a calm passage before it falls back into the chaotic pit of insanity. And on “IX” the mad fury drops into a dark ritualistic deity invoking state and “V” just simply tries to put a spell on you as it twists and gnarls itself out of an eerie dark place out into the light. The vocals are crow-like, manic roars straight from the asylum and takes on many disturbing shapes which suits the insane world the music is depicting very well.

As I was listening to “XII” for the third time it suddenly hit me that Tod Huetet Uebel on top of everything else has an aura of nihilistic decadence! “XII” also offers very interesting musical side tracks, which warms the inside of someone like me that loves this kind of dark and weird metal. And I could go on and on about passages and melodies I've picked up and taken notice of, but they are too many to mention.

This is music that needs attention, so headphones on and sit back and take notice! If you like the skewed and unordered as much as I, you will not be disappointed. I promise!

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  1. Fuck! That was fucking gnarly! I think I found a new number 1 for the year for me. Thanks for posting this; adding it to my list! Cheers!

  2. great discovery, thanks! a surprise contender for album of the year for me too.

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  4. Why not buy directly from the band?