January 24, 2016

Dave’s Demo Roundup Vol. VIII

Written by Dave Schalek.

The holidays are a distant memory. The demos are coming at me fast and furious, let’s get right to them, shall we?

Here’s a three song demo from Kriegzittern, a German duo mining primitive death metal for inspiration. Falling somewhere in between early Swedish death metal and Incantation along with other, like-minded dark death metal bands, Kriegszittern show their familiarity with the genre quite nicely. Frostbite features three heavy songs backed up by a rough, yet deep and organic, production. Kriegszittern also display variety in their songwriting with tempo changes, catchy riffs, and gruff vocals. Not exactly original, but Kriegszittern are sure to please death metal fans as they obviously know their way around the genre. An earlier, untitled demo from Kriegszittern is also available at their Bandcamp page.

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Don’t ask me how to pronounce it (or spell it; I’m cutting and pasting here), and information about the band is scarce, but this Byelorussian outfit plays brutal death metal with burped vocals and plenty of blastbeats to go along with riffs and a noodling bass that occasionally borderlines upon technicality. The production is rough on this two-song demo, but the songs are catchy enough to pique your interest. The demo is available for $4 US on their Bandcamp page (which seems a bit pricey to me), but information about other releases is not mentioned. The Bandcamp mentions a full-length debut being in the works; I’ll let you be the judge in determining whether or not it’s worth tracking down.

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A duo with numerous connections to New York- area death metal bands (including Disma), Wall Of Water formed with a stated intention of transcending genre boundaries within heavy metal. That they have done with this two-song demo, a mash up of doom, black metal, grindcore, and noise. A bleak atmosphere pervades the music with a thin production, and a wide range of tempos is employed to shift the lines between genres. Vocals range from a growl, to a shout, to a screamed rasp, and the music occasionally devolves into moments of noise-like incomprehensibility. The result is rough, but is obviously intended as a preview for what may be to come if an eventual full-length is in the offering.

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