October 12, 2011

Dawnbringer - Nucleus


Dawnbringer - Nucleus. The first song "So Much For Sleeps" should tell you what you're in for: "Guitar chords before vocal chords" as the esteemed Full Metal Attorney puts it; two guitar solos before the galloping riff of the song kicks in. This is a guitar album from start to finish as Steel Druhm from Angry Metal Guy expounds
"the guitars of Scott Hoffman, Matt Johnsen and Bill Palko never let go from there. This is a very guitar driven album and with the styles these gents bring to the party, you couldn’t ask for anything more. There’s one tooth rattling riff after another along with outstanding lead work".
Photo by Carmelo Española.

The songwriting is excellent, my favorite "Like An Earthquake" is ridiculously catchy; songs are influenced by black metal, doom and thrash, while all being undeniably Heavy Metal. Check out the AllMusic review for a roll call of the album, and do yourself a favor and read Isolation Grind's heavy metal fever dream. Good writing inspired by a great album.

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  1. I only gave this one a 3.5/5 when I reviewed it (mostly because the vocals don't really add anything), but it has really grown on me since. I still don't think I would have put it on my end-of-year list, but I'd probably give it a 4 or 4.5 if I reviewed it today.

  2. Much metal in this style have Bruce Dickenson style vocals which tend to overpower the music IMO. Black's 'natural' style really lets the songs and playing shine. And the harmony vocals are just nicely done.