October 9, 2011

Locrian - The Crystal World


Locrian's The Crystal World is difficult but rewarding music that exists on the fringes of black metal. Dense and beautiful like the prose of J. G. Ballard whose book the album is named after. The Quietus did an interview with Locrian and its introduction is a great description of the band:

Visions of apocalypse, like the urge to extremity, can come off campy or cornball. But when the devil comes, it probably won't be with a fanfare of trumpets, and the earth rent asunder. More likely, it'll be a gradual, creeping doom: a fissure in a concrete reactor shell, oceans choked with plastics, a pox that creeps the earth. It might sound like Locrian.

You can read the AllMusic review and you can explore The Crystal World below.

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