April 5, 2012

Profetus - .​.​.​to Open the Passages in Dusk

Profetus - .​.​.​to Open the Passages in Dusk is funeral doom of the bleakest and most beautiful sort. Slow drums and riffs sounding like the guitarist slowly dragging his fingers across the strings. Gentle and whispered vocals mixed with death growls. The ever present ominous organ chords gives .​.​.​to Open the Passages in Dusk a ritualistic feel, like a pagan requiem mass. To quote the review from From the Dust Returned:
Where some past funeral doom recordings have felt like they seeped at your spirit from forsaken crypts or empty castle walls, ...To Open the Passages in Dusk seems to skirt the forest canopy at dusk, or sail across the lake waters on wings of precipitous regret.
Read another review, from Lurker's Path, and listen to the sorrowful elegies of Profetus.

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1 comment:
  1. Really reminds me of Ras Algethi!! There is a great lack of bands like this!