April 9, 2012

Hivelords - Grand Cromlech

Written by Atanamar Sunyata.

Artwork by Tim Buckley

Philadelphia’s Hivelords swing a wicked scythe through black metal and doom, harvesting a unique and arresting sound. Grand Cromlech is a two-track, 15 minute EP produced by Woe's Chris Grigg. The band eviscerate nefarious arpeggios and impale tremolo picked arrangements with sure-handed craft, displaying an excellent ear for dynamics. The scathing vocals sometimes slide into Enslaved-style chant, further ensnaring the helpless listener. Chris Grigg’s spacious, lively production highlights Hivelords’ capacious sound. Grand Cromlech is certainly worth a listen, absolutely worth a few bucks, and undoubtedly a sign of greatness to come.

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