April 14, 2012

Wadge - Total Volcano Exploding

Written by Atanamar Sunyata.

Artwork by Yuzuru Namiki

Wadge’s Grindcore Lu’au was the maiden excursion of J. Randall’s Grindcore Karaoke label. I encountered the album shortly after a trip to Hawaii, and I was struck immediately by its keen exegesis of Hawaiian folklore, stunning surf-grind genius and incredibly awful production. Despite its aural shortcomings, I managed to enjoy the album immensely. Wadge’s new album, Total Volcano Exploding, appeared unheeded from the Pacific depths this week, answering our unspoken island prayers. Lo and behold, the album was sanded and varnished with malignant perfection by Scott Hull.

Surf and grind can only mate in absurd effigy; Wadge ensure that the union is sufficiently ludicrous and entirely infectious. Total Volcano Exploding is a clinic in diverse and compelling riffage, whether surfing hard, grinding grotesquely or meting out majestic, traditional metal arcana. The vocals are deployed in a dissociative array of styles, from piratical growls to Xenomorphic screams to King Diamond style wailing. It all works perfectly.

Wadge wrap up their preposterous proposition with excellent songwriting and piercing lyrics. If I could pay for Total Volcano Exploding, it would be worth every cent. Alas, it is only available for free. If, however, you’ve got the balls, Wadge have got the beach party.

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