December 4, 2012

Hell - III

Gustave Dore - Purgatory IX

Hell - III is the final installment in a trilogy seeing Hell move from a filthy, sludgy kind of doom to a more orchestrated and atmospheric sound. Adding blackened elements, drone, and beautiful clean guitar parts. And actually making the sludgy, doom sound incredibly heavy, because of the contrast with the more atmospheric passages. Vocals are utterly harrowing screams; this combined with the Gustave Dore art adorning all three albums, and the choir section of the second track Decedere made me think of
Falling from you heavens to the hellish dirt of our hellish earth
your voice silent, music, drone, will never enter your ears ever again
An hermit monk sitting in an decrepit temple on top of a secluded mountain. Screaming in hatred and torment to the Gods that have abandoned him. And writhing in quiet rapture when filled with hallucinogenic revelations coming from his twisted mind. Or somewhere beyond.

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The track below is the last one from Hell - II. It fits in very well with the two songs from III. Together these three songs have been in heavy rotation since I bought them. I really can't recommend this enough.

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  1. Mr. White - please send me an email. Thanks.

  2. waouh,quelle claque!entre les passages qui respirent une désolation suicidaire et les moments de folies hargeuses l'équilibre est parfait!je suis encore scotché et ai du mal à réagir tellement l'emprise est énorme!une expérience à réitérer de toute urgence!

    1. I'm sorry my French is not good enough to give you a proper reply (even with the help of Google Translate), but yes, this is breathtaking music.