December 16, 2012

Worshiper - To Binge and Purge in LA

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

As the end of the year approaches (or end of world if you believe those pesky Myans) I was looking to see if there were any albums I may have missed. Instead I discovered one that look to be more than two years old, but man am I glad to have found it.

Hailing from Philadelphia PA. comes Worshiper. They play a dirty gritty style of Sludge. Think Noothgrush or Eyehategod. Guitars crunch and squeal oozing forth riffs while drums are beaten into submission. Songs are not long with only one approaching 4 minutes. But these songs are not bursts of sounds but rather mid paced Sludge. Like wading through peanut butter. Vocals are raw throaty wails buried beneath the music adding to the overall rawness of the album. The bonus track is a live one. Totaling over 15 minutes allowing the band to expand more on what they were doing in the shorter songs. And you realize nothing of their sound is lost when performed live.

These kind of random finds are my favorites. You were never looking for them in the first place yet once they are found they make an impact. Now information on this band is hard to find. Even pictures seem not to exist. But the good news is they have a bandcamp and the album is ‘name your price’. Though the band tells you “Shit’s free. Get it.” If raw Sludge is your thing, then you should do as they say.

[Go to the post to view the Bandcamp player]

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