June 7, 2013

Esoterica - Idololatriae

Painting by Francisco Goya - Adoración del nombre de Dios

My first foray into music that combines noise with melody was Curve's Doppelgänger (check out "Ice That Melts The Tips" here). On Esoterica's Idololatriae the noise is much harsher - the genre is dissonant, atmospheric black metal in the vein of early Blut aus Nord. But if you take the line from the Doppelgänger review on AllMusic stating that the album "features breathy, dreamy vocals over top layers of throbbing guitar, dense keyboards, and sledgehammer drumming to create formidable aural textures", it fits remarkable well on Esoterica's music (...except for the "breathy, dreamy vocals" part off course).

Three of the songs on Idololatriae will appear on a new full-length in the future, for now you can enjoy them sandwiching two interesting ambient tracks, making this a rather perfect EP. I know I look forward to hearing more from Esoterica.

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