June 15, 2013

Twingiant - Sin Nombre

Written by Ulla Roschat.

This 5 track Ep “Sin Nombre” of the four piece band Twingiant fom Phoenix/Arizona is that kind of music that makes me turn the volume knob up to eleven and gets me on my feet and move - headbang, dance, play air guitar, shout and growl along - in other words: it’s the kind of music for my neighbors to peek through my window for their regular confirmation I’m still nuts.

“Sin Nombre” is the band’s second release (April 2013) and like its predecessor “Mass Driver” (April 2012) the EP delivers a high dosage of warm fuzzy low end desert rock combined with raw brutal heavy sludge. This is an intriguing combination granted, but to give my neighbors their spectacle it needs more than that. Twingiant keep the mix in a constant tension that’s slowly moving swirling and rolling between, rather than boldly contrasting, a laid back attitude of bluesy desert rock and punishing heaviness. The songs are carefully structured, dynamic build-ups provide depth and color and give each song its own zip and mood. Be it the many changes in rhythm and tempo, the breathtaking guitar solos, the powerful “beard & whiskey” vocals or the voice samples accompanied by dynamic rhythms dramatically supporting their eerie atmosphere.

This is what makes “Palisnero” a straightforward rolling groovy killer that severs your head from your body with a sludge machete so sharp you don’t even notice you’re dead until the voice sample of Richard Kuklinski talking about hate... This is what makes “Fossilized”, despite its entrancing repetitive underlying rhythm, a most varied and dynamic trip with many surprising changes, breaks and guitar solos... This is what makes “La Haine” a heavy monster, again with a voice sample, this time of a French movie with the same title... This is what makes “Cloaked in Black” a boiling cauldron of some spacey doomy bluesy sticky stuff... and this is what makes “Sin Nombre” the perfect “neighbor-confirmation-of-my-still-being nuts” music.

The last track “Ricky X R.I.P.” is not a song, but a homage to the late Rick Martinez (I’m writing this with a lump in my throat), host of the Wreckage Metal Radio Show.

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