July 15, 2013

Mahat - Looking For A Ride

Review by Justin Petrick.

There is one truly easy way to win me over if you are a band; give me a great bass line! That’s it I am that easy, I need nothing else to satisfy my musical needs. OK, maybe I need a little bit more, like a crushing groove and vocals that are sung with such grit and spit that it almost scares me when they hit their peak of aggression. Mahat has supplied all of this and more on their album Looking for a Ride. One of the most solid stoner/traditional heavy albums I have heard so far this year. With the full-throttle crush of the opening track “Atacama” you are instantly aware that Mahat is not here to play games with their music. They are determined to pummel you with their sound and fury and to do so with satisfying grooves and musicianship that should not be ignored.

Mahat has taken what is a fun and usually mellow style of hard/heavy music and turned it on its head. It all starts with the opening track but Mahat do not let off of the gas throughout the rest of the album. "Looking for a Ride" takes the grooves and riffs of the opening track and infuses that with a leading bass line and drum fills that will satisfy the stingiest of stoner aficionados. But the band doesn’t stop there moving right into the gem of the album "Role Model Education", the distinct heavy riffs and grooves continue but are enhanced by the stellar and upfront bass work and the aggressive yet appropriate vocals, this song epitomizes what this album and band are about. While listening to the album you can feel the heart that the band puts into the songs and the musicianship throughout. With a blend of heavy stoner, progressive, and at times sludge Mahat has created a sound that will hold the interest of listeners and there will be no stopping that foot tapping and head bobbing to the grooves. There is no letting up on this album, it is a joyride of melody and hooks, a high speed car chase that has you holding on to the dashboard white-knuckled and smiling the entire time.

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