January 24, 2014

[DELETED] Inquisition - Obscure Verses for the Multiverse

Written by Steven Leslie

Art by Paolo Girardi

Inquisition are a U.S. by way of Columbia black metal band that have been plying their chosen trade since 1988. While they started out originally as a thrash band they have morphed into one of the more unique black metal bands over the years. Obscure Verses for the Multiverse is their latest installment and it is absolutely killer. Carrying on from where their previous two albums left off, this beast is a must have for anyone who considers themselves a die hard black metaller.

Photo by Metal Chris

What makes Inquisition so worthwhile is that they have managed to take the black metal template and inject their own personality into the music. They have accomplished that rare feat of creating a sound that is at once recognizable as only Inquisition. The first thing to note is the unique guitar sound, which deviates from the standard high end reverb laden distorted tone so common in black metal these days. The riffs vary from all out trem picked onslaughts to mid paced crushing grooves making for a dynamic listen. This variation in tempo makes for a compelling listen allowing the blasting sections to hit just that much harder. The drums follow a similar pattern and morph from all out blast beat assaults into more measured grooves. Be warned this is a black metal record that will cause some serious nerve damage to your neck from induced headbanging.

Photo by Metal Chris

While the music will be easy to enjoy for any metal fan, the main sticking point for many will be the vocals. While I personally love Dagon’s sound, some may find it too over the top. There is clearly a Abbath influence as he sounds like a dying frog croaking over the vicious black metal assault. Comparisons could also be made to the vocal approach of Greek black metallers Naer Mataron. It should be noted that while the vocals may take some getting used to, they are essential in creating a unique sound and aura for the band. Another thing to note is the lyrics. While they have the traditional satanic backbone, they take a much more intellectual tone as Dagon casts his gaze to the cosmos. Exploring the darkness of outer space and the destructive power of black holes, this makes for a much more interesting lyrical approach than the standard hail satan, fuck christ approach of many black metal bands. Special mention should be given to the stunning cover art, which hints perfectly at the cosmic satanic themes expressed in the lyrics. Overall this is another killer album from a band that has established a unique voice within the U.S. black metal scene.

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