January 18, 2014

Dead Existence - Born into the Planet's Scars

Written by Justin Petrick.

It is very rare that a 2 song 27 minute EP could produce so much dread and melancholy but Born into the Planet’s Scars does just that. The heavy tone to them it is almost like an anvil on your chest. The feeling I got the first time I heard the album was scared. Not in a bad way, but the heaviness and doom where these songs live feels so strong coming through the speakers, that it almost drowns you. As “Down the Crooked Path” powers right into the main riff, any thoughts of a calm calculated journey through the song is shattered. From the first bit of feedback you realize wretchedness is apparent.

Photo by Elke Teurlinckx (Flickr)

Dead Existence moves fluidly between sludge, doom, death and even thrash. Keeping the listener hooked through the confident and well mapped out songs and the solid musicianship involved. With minor chord and tempo changes they take you on a long drawn out journey into the vast and desolate wastelands of the world they inhabit. There may not be a darker, scarier place than that which Dead Existence introduces you to on Born into the Planet’s Scars.

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