August 9, 2014

Ancient Ascendant - Echoes and Cinder

Written by Calen Henry.

Ancient Ascendant's Echoes and Cinder is a great album. It sounds like Skeletonwitch meets Amon Amarth; ripping sections of blackened thrash mixed with epic melodic death metal riffs. I haven't been sure how to articulate why I keep coming back to the album. They are by no means the only band doing what they do, but there’s something subtly different

The difference is underneath the seething blackened attack there’s a simmering groove that drives the songs. For the most part it’s not even apparent, but every so often there’s a fantastic lead or breakdown that oozes stoner-blues, like the underlying groove bubbling to the surface. It’s only through those passages that you really start to become aware that the groove is ever present and that it drives the album.

It makes for a blackened thrash record that’s got everything one expects of the genre, but subtly sets itself apart in a great way.

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Editors note: Candlelight Records UK also has a Bandcamp now. It has more than twice the number of albums than the USA one, but the prices are much higher. Take this album for instance. USA: $8. UK: £7, which converts to $11.75. Many Candlelight albums are found on both Bandcamps, I know which ones I'll be buying.

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  1. Not completely related, but I like how Candlelight USA bandcamp's profile pic is always Krieg right now, no matter what you're listening to. KRIEG IS ALWAYS WATCHING!