Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nightslug - Loathe

Written by Ulla Roschat.

It’s no secret that I am “fan extreme” of Nightslug from Düsseldorf/Germany. I’m addicted to their special brand of sludge since their first demo from 2011. I called it "the epitome of sludge" and their first full length album Dismal Fucker from 2013 truly lived up to that title. Now the band is back with their second full length album Loathe. If its predecessor was the apocalyptic nightmare, the demonic roller coaster ride, Loathe is the apocalypse itself and the demons unsheathe their terror from their ugly faces, pour their nihilistic hate and disgust through your speakers all over you.

Photo by Webzine Chuul.

Nightslug's unmistakable style of a nasty, heavy, HC tinged sludge, that’s so heavenly abrasive and filthy, is as destructive as always. This time they add even more noise and industrial flavor than they did on their first album. On Loathe everything is permeated by it. The reverberating distorted vocals sound like the last trace left of humanity, drowning in an avalanche of this bleak industrial noise.
The song structures are straightforward (reminiscent of their demo songs), and make everything raw, violent, heavy, thick and add more destructive energy and bleakness.

With Loathe, once again, Nightslug bless us with their vicious ferocity and filth that seem to emanate directly from hell.

Photo by Webzine Chuul.

The song "The Thrill is Gone - Repulsion" is featured on The Wicked Lady Show 89

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