Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nightslug - Dismal Fucker

Written by Ulla Roschat.

I was already deeply impressed by Nightslug's demo from 2011. "Impressed" isn't quite the right expression though. Those three songs of this demo struck me like "Hell yeah! This is the epitome of Sludge!", and since I am a Sludge lover I simply fell in love. All right, but this is not the subject of this review. The three guys from Düsseldorf/Germany that are Nightslug released their full length debut album Dismal Fucker (July 2013, through Per Koro Records).

And what do you wish from a full length album that follows a stunning demo? Right. Let the demo appear like a teaser. Let all it's good things be here again..., elaborated, varied, with new ideas and with the band's personality carved even deeper into the groove. All your wishes will come true with Dismal Fucker.

Thick filthy crusty riffs ooze through your speakers to fill the room with nasty grimy sludge charged with raw brutal energy. It surrounds you and shrouds you into sonic atmospheres of destructive rage, terrifying creepiness and apocalyptic doom. The album crushes and rearranges your poor brain cells with eight songs in 42 minutes of heavy, downtuned, slow, filthy grooves, a dynamic drumming and demon like vicious vocals. It's gloomy and dark, violent and abrasive, and it slugs right into your face.

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