December 6, 2013

Owlfood - Destroyers of the Moon

Written by Aaron Sullivan.

Owlfood is a three piece from Boston. They define their music in their bio as, Reverb, melody and melancholy. All apt descriptions. Destroyers of the Moon is a combination of Drone and Folk/Americana reminiscent of later Earth. The addition of instruments such as violin, upright bass, and cello are added with great effect over the album. Vocals have a Scott Kelly/Steve Von Till solo album feel to them. They fit the the slow turn of the album perfectly. Blood of the Black Owl(having no relation) is another band that comes to mind as they both create similar atmospheres with there music. Owlfood music is able to give me the feeling of being outside in a vast desert with mountains far off in the distance, gathered around a campfire as the sun sets on the horizon. The album is 7 tracks but is to be heard as a 27 minute piece. There are no pauses or gaps. One song goes right into the next so that the experience is never lost. But the band explains the album much better than I do saying,

“The soundscape evoked in Destroyers of the Moon, began as a drawing, a graphic landscape. Conceiving the composition in a visual register–in which, for example, barren plains give way to mountainous peaks–allowed Owlfood to develop a fuller tonality, a sonority richer and more differentiated than in previous recordings."

I have mentioned it in reviews I have done in the past, I LOVE ATMOSPHERE! Owlfood do a great job of it with their music. Cinematic in feel you can almost smell the desert air and feel the warmth of of burning embers. Or at least that’s what I see and feel when I hear it. Hear for yourself and see where it takes you.

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