November 16, 2011

Astomatous - The Beauty of Reason

Before Krallice there was...

Sometimes historical documents pop up on Bandcamp. Nicolas McMaster has added two albums from bands he was in before starting Krallice. The first is Hymn - Passage recorded in 2004. Very blackened doom with some progressive parts thrown in. The second is Astomatous - The Beauty of Reason recorded in 2006. Technical death death that has two wildly different reviews at The Metal Archives.

It's fun to note the similarities to Krallice in both bands: The dissonance, the non-melodic songwriting, the progressiveness and the terrific bass playing. Stretching it a little, you could say that Hymn is Krallice played as doom and Astomatous is Krallice played as death metal.

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  1. Hymn is solid; Astomatous, on the other hand, is incredible. I'm guessing anyone who thinks death metal is rote would be pleasantly surprised upon listening to "The Beauty of Reason".

    1. I just listened to Hymn a few days ago, and it was kinda meh. But Astomatous still holds up.