November 27, 2011

The Devil's Blood - Come, Reap

The Devil's Blood 2008 debut Come, Reap is now available on the Ván Records Bandcamp, together with the rest of their discography. This is occult psychedelic rock, at times reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane. Read the reviews from Invisible Oranges:

despite its electricity, its analog sound is seductively soft. Lucifer is more potent not standing behind a wall of flames, but crooking a finger and uttering the titular invitation.

and AllMusic:

from the insistent drums and infectious circular melody of the title track, through to the languidly hypnotic balladry of the closing epic, "Voodoo Dust"

I agree 666%; "Voodoo Dust" is a fantastic song, and my favorite from Come, Reap. Click the player below and give it (and the rest of the album) a listen.

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