March 1, 2012

Christian Mistress - Possession

The new album by Christian Mistress has been released on the Relapse Records Bandcamp. Possession is the followup to their excellent 2010 debut Agony & Opium. This is energetic Heavy Metal with tons of classic metal licks and soulful clean singing. And solos, lots of solos. Compared to the debut the production is bigger and fuller, but still warm and analog sounding. You hear the great sound of band playing together, in one room,

Photo by Carmelo Española.

Another difference is that Christian Mistress sounds just a little more laid-back on this album. As Dan Obstkrieg says in this review from Metal Review: where Agony & Opium was a rubber-burning hell-ride fleeing the police, Possession is the sun-drenched cruising speed once you’ve crossed the border. Here is the review from AllMusic.

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  1. If I had put out a "best of 2012" list, this would have topped it.

    I vaguely remember hearing their previous release and not caring for it. This one took a few listens to grow on me as well. But it's really quite great, especially the last four tracks where they stretch out a little more.