March 4, 2012

Ominous Black - Repressed Memories of the Collective Subconscious

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Artwork by Alysså Møcere from Epicene Print Collective

A lot of Sludge bands like to put the word 'atmospheric' before Sludge because they have a few slow parts in their music. But others use it because they are able to create just that, atmosphere. Ominous Black is the latter. It's like Pink Floyd coated in NOLA Sludge. Their songs are more like movements then just slabs of Sludge. When they are done you feel as though you were on a psychedelic journey. You weren't sure where you were going. But you liked where you ended up.

Ominous Black only being a three piece allows the listener to hear each instrument individually, whether focusing on the noodling bass lines, the jangly guitar work, or the tribal like drumming. The way they seem to be soloing at the same time but never loose the groove and then bring it all back into focus. Upon my first listen I was hooked. I've never done psychedelic drugs. After hearing this album I feel I don't need to.

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