May 3, 2012

Enth / Amarok - Split

The new split between Enth and Amarok has been released on the Boue Records Bandcamp. Doom, especially funeral doom, often needs passion and patience before its nuances unfolds. This split is almost 40 minutes of massive and sluggish metal, but it is also an opportunity to see the genre from two different perspectives.

Enth plays crushing funeral doom, the kind that sounds like very slow old-school death metal. Death metal growls alternates with black metal style screams. The crushing is accentuated by bleak acoustic parts, a piano driven interlude in the middle and a cello outro that segues nicely into the next track.

Amarok plays drony sludge-doom with organ undercurrents and massive Sabbathian riffs. Great dual vocals with evil growls and tortured screams. A slightly faster section with a simple but effective solo rounds off the split. Read the review from Doommantia and enjoy your doom.

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