May 30, 2012

Generation of Vipers - Howl and Filth

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Cover art by Anthony Couri

Generation of Vipers’ Howl and Filth is in your face Sludgy/Hardcore, sounding like a mix of Neurosis and Godflesh. Viper is a fitting animal to name themselves after, as this album is full of venom. The bass buzzes over a huge guitar sound while the drums pound you into oblivion. Bits of samples enhances the atmosphere, and Kurt Ballou’s thick production adds the weight needed to propel the intensity of Generation of Vipers. This album is a freight train and you are tied firmly to the tracks from the word go. The Obelisk adds:
Generation of Vipers do well in establishing a personality separate from their influences and offsetting some of what might otherwise be familiar with a crushing approach. Ultimately, the album is dark in a metallic sense, but still forward thinking enough to be tagged progressive in its way, and greatly benefitted by Ballou’s production.
Howl and Filth is scheduled for release on June 5th via Translation Loss Records! The vinyl version will be released through Inherent Records on June 5th. For now you can get it here. You can only stream one track, but a mere $3 gets you the complete album with six tracks.

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