July 26, 2012

buioingola - Demo 2012

Written by Ulla Roschat.

The Sweet Nightmare

Have you ever had this feeling of an utterly dark and cold unknown terrifying void tries to swallow you while another force, not less evil, crushes your hands that clutch at the edge of this void so that you inevitably release your grip and vanish into nothingness? No? Then go get your nightmare from buioingola.

buioingola is a three piece Sludge/Drone Metal band hailing from Italy. This demo of three songs is their first release (May 2012). This is basically monolithic sludge riffs meet creepy ambient drone with black and crust metal elements and harsh vocals (Italian lyrics) thrown into the blend. Each of the three songs builds up its own dynamic breathtaking tension of dark atmosphere and and blasting riffs to create a perfect sweet nightmare.

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