July 2, 2012

Wildernessking - ...And the Night Swept Us Away

Written by by Andy Osborn.

Artwork by Stephen Green

Wildernessking fit perfectly into the newest-wave of black metal; a forward-thinking, progressive amalgamation of the genre that ranges in influence from screamo to shoegaze. The Cape Town quartet surprised fans with this new three-song EP just four months after their debut full-length, and it's an intriguing departure.

Only the second track which shares the name of the EP is a 'proper' song, but it fits perfectly as a crescendo between the introspective ambiance of "Adrift" and the complex acoustic melodies of "Morning." ...And the Night Swept Us Away builds on The Writing of Gods in the Sand by toning down the over-crisp production and focusing more on hypnotic rhythmic guitars, making for a fantastically dreamy soundscape that will appeal to fans of the Cascadian scene.

Time will tell if this is a one-off experimental record that is simply bridging the gap between full-lengths, or a preview of what's to come. But one thing is certain; these South Africans are serious about making music, and they're seriously good at it.

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