July 9, 2012

Necramyth - Slaughter of the Seoul

Review by Andy Osborn.

Last year, underground metal lost one of its greatest minds with the tragic death of David Gold. David was best known as the mastermind behind Woods of Ypres, but his many side-projects all carried his signature dedication to quality. During a stint teaching English in South Korea, David briefly drummed for death metal group Necramyth and recorded 2009's Slaughter of the Seoul.

Despite the comic nature of the album title, the band is damn serious about what they do. Combining aesthetics from across the death metal spectrum, Necramyth has a typically western sound which pays homage to the greats without sounding too bland. The songs change on a dime between Cannibal Corpse-style brutality and '90s Melodeath riffage; fans of any type of death metal will find something to like. The only respite you'll get is in "IV Heaven III Calyx IV Anthem", an out-of-the the blue acoustic jaunt that separates the album's murderous near-hour pummeling.

It's not the most unique death metal album you'll ever hear, but the songwriting, solos and David's uniquely laid-back drumming are all top-notch. Besides, when was the last time you listened to Korean Death Metal?

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