February 9, 2013

Grayceon - Pearl and the End of Days

Art by David D’Andrea

Grayceon's new EP Pearl and the End of Days is a lesson in a making a good thing better. Known for their unique brand of cello driven progressive metal, their last full-length All We Destroy was filled with long, heavy and ponderous tracks. After the intro, you immediately notice that the first song Pearl is faster and rockier, in fact it is goddamn catchy. The same goes for the progressive epic End of Days; the dirgey parts, an integral part of All We Destroy, are here mostly kept to song intros. This is an album made with a lighter heart.

Photos by Taylor Keahey

Another notable difference is that the three instruments of Grayceon are on more equal footing here. Zack Farwell's guitars are heavier, and with a much beefier sound. Max Doyle delivers one wicked drumm fill after another. The cello of Jackie Perez Gratz no longer leads as much, this is true trio music. There's so much playing; the ultimate example would be the last part of End of Days. Listen to 14:15 onwards, and rejoice at the musical skills on display.

Photos by Taylor Keahey

Jackie Perez Gratz' smoky voice is often harmonized to great effect, her harsh vocals are utilized less than on previous albums. Let me close by saying that Grayceon has made an EP filled with emotion, musicianship, and dynamic songwriting. You don't get to say this often about something metal related, but Pearl and the End of Days is just plain lovely.

  1. After I heard "All We Destroy", I went to their bandcamp page and checked out their previous two full-lengths. Not bad, but "All We Destroy" seemed a cut above.

    Then I listened to "Pearl" a couple weeks ago and was blown away. As good as some of the tracks on the last album are, "Pearl" just blows them away. It's amazing!

    Thanks for highlighting this; I've been waiting for it to show up on the Flenser's bandcamp since it was announced.

    1. All We Destroy is "mood music" for me. I like the album a lot, but it is only something I listen to when I'm in a specific mood.

    2. Yeah, it's the same for me, pretty much.

      I've been listening to this a lot recently: http://candlelightrecordsusa.bandcamp.com/album/the-cursed-remain-cursed

      Had no idea it was on bandcamp. Candlelight Records is really bringing it.

    3. Well, feel free to send me an email if you're interested in giving it a writeup for this little blog.

  2. Great record, and a great deal at $5 on Bandcamp.