February 25, 2013

Photophobia - Humana Fragilitas

Review by Adrian Tan.

The definition of Photophobia refers to an abnormal symptom of intolerance to light. A strangely apt name for a band that embodies within its brand of depressive black metal, a kind of misery that is absorbing and yet, oft misunderstood.

Listening to Humana Fragilitas - the band’s debut work - is an utterly absorbing experience. Riding past the harsh undercurrents of lo-fi production, bounded therein are deceptively musical songs that are intricately constructed. What truly sets this record apart though, is the top-notch performance of vocalist Letaliis’. His achingly choked shrieks, wails and hushed intonations paint a frighteningly vivid image of a tormented soul - trapped and without hope. Consequently, the caustic lyrical subject matter is often delivered with maximum emotional impact.
Imagine a miserable existence, clawing away at the remnants of life.

Imagine a tortured being, shunted and unwanted.

Imagine languishing outside humanity, the feelings of loneliness, anguish and pain that is unbearable.

Imagine a convoluted wanting for warmth.
As the music serves as a conduit to channel these feelings of seeming misery, there is yet a certain beauty in it all. And when these feelings strike home, as it does here, it requires no further explanation as to why it captivates - like a moth to a burning candle flame.

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