February 23, 2013

Label spotlight: Debemur Morti Productions

Debemur Morti Productions is a French label almost solely dedicated to black metal (or the black arts as they say), with very few detours into other genres. Like many other metal labels they have a Bandcamp page, where there's currently 50 albums available. Allow me to bullet point the reasons I think the Debemur Morti Bandcamp is awesome.
  • New stuff! Debemur Morti adds new releases to their Bandcamp. Behexen, Monolithe, Archgoat, Wallachia, they're all there, and all fully streamable. The prices are fair, most albums are 5-6 euros (which is 7-8 dollars). And recently pre-orders for future releases have started to appear, like the one for October Fall's The Plague Of A Coming Age.
  • Great stuff! Many great album from the Debemur Morti back catalog are available. Like the 777 trilogy by Blut aus Nord and Arckanums's fantastic ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ from 2009. The black metal masterpiece that had the mighty Autothrall enthusing: The drums and bass plod like thunder beneath the endless battery of grim, warlike chords. Upon listening to this I am instantly transplanted to black and white fields of carrion, the worship of faiths best left forgotten drilled into the psyche through the repetition of but a few notes.

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  • Free stuff! There's Servants Of Chaos, a sampler with 13 songs from recent Debemur Morti releases. Some of the earlier releases are also available as name your price. Mostly albums by lesser known bands, but you can also get the Kontamination EP by Haemoth. Search through the name your price albums and you'll find some...
  • Weird stuff! (V.E.G.A.)'s debut full-length Cocaine starts off in a whirlwind of furious drumming, frenetic shredding, and insane screaming. But soon things get weirder; more industrial influences are added, slower menacing passages start to appear, synths gets more psychedelic. This Metal Archives review tells that Cocaine is intended to represent the downward psychological and physical spiral of a drug addict; this may explain why (V.E.G.A.) finally eschews black metal entirely for a) a solemn instrumental driven by industrial drums b) 1 minute of silence c) 9 minutes of what can best be described as euro-house mixed with Kraftwerk. Weird. But very good.

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  1. This label is definitely one worth supporting! Blut aus Nord, Arckanum, Behexen... what more could you hope for?

    1. Not much really - but I also like tha fact that digging through the lesser known bands turns up a few gems.

  2. When I browsed the name your price albums I fully expected to be writing about the Haemoth EP (which is good), but then Cocaine came up...

    Another enjoyable name your price release is The Way to End's Desecrated Internal Journey