February 22, 2013

Vision of Disorder - The Cursed Remain Cursed

Review by Red.

Metalcore band Vision of Disorder broke up in 2002, seemingly the victim of label politics and their own shifts in approach. I first heard the band via the standout track from 1999’s Imprint, “By the River”, a song that includes a guest appearance from ex-Pantera/Down screamer Phil Anselmo. While there are no guest appearances on The Cursed Remain Cursed, the fiery spirit and explosive pace of the aforementioned track imbue the 11 new songs.

Comeback albums pose the question “does the band still have the fire to produce new material of consequence”? On The Cursed Remain Cursed, Vision of Disorder answers with songs that are immediate, propulsive, and even a little catchy.

Singer Tim Williams puts out what has to be the best performance of his career, either with this band or with other project Bloodsimple. On previous records he was criticized for lacking power in his screams. He shows no lack of ability or vitriol here. Williams isn’t a one-trick pony, though; he adds a bevy of clean melodic vocals which enliven tracks like “Blood Red Sun”, “Skullz Out”, and “The Enemy”.

The rest of the band proves just as capable. The drumwork is consistent throughout, providing energy and keeping the songs from losing momentum. The guitarists provide a number of sharp riffs, the standouts include a nice gallop riff in “Set to Fail” and the aggressive ending to “Heart and Soul”.

The closing track ends with the line “we’re gonna torch this city to watch it burn”; indeed, it seems as though Vision of Disorder has set fire to their discography and the expectations that were placed upon them when they embarked on their comeback. A successful one, at that.

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