April 7, 2013

Horse Latitudes - Awakening

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Who needs guitars? Apparently Finlands Horse Latitudes don’t. With two bass guitars this band unleashes the DOOM. Slow, heavy, ritualistic, emotional DOOM.

At first the two bass thing sounds like a gimmick. But these guys make it work for them. Since speed and solos are not what they are looking to do. The almighty riff is what is important. Which is pulled off greatly with two bass guitars. But they don’t simply play the same thing all the time. There are subtle things that each player does to separate themselves that can be heard. Vocals are like tortured moans of man expressing pain. Now a days this is achieved with guttural or Black Metal style vocals. So the fact they achieve this with a clear, understandable vocals style is different and welcomed. Oh, and the drummer is the singer incase this band wasn’t already shaking things up enough for you. The songs give a feeling of ritualism. Slow and brooding, reminding one of Reverend Bizarre at times. The image of two bass players on either side of a drum kit. As if they are standing guard to the altar of some underground ritual presided over by a dark figure giving out his instructions. Or at least that is what I see when I hear this album.

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Note: You can stream the entire Horse Latitudes discography at their own Bandcamp page, and download much of it for free.

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